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Ecrit par Abduh le 06/09/2013 à 14h32mn

Hi Johannes,Thanks for taking the time to chat with me at the NZIPP Christmas braekup. I've just been having a look through your blog, and love the work. Your fantastic consideration of composition, lighting, post production and emotion of the couples is a recipe for some amazing images. Keep up the great work! Next time I'm in Lyttleton I'll pop in to the studio and say hi.Best regards,Anthony http://gyxnsxb.com [url=http://kfwlydabbhe.com]kfwlydabbhe[/url] [link=http://evvbxypch.com]evvbxypch[/link]

Ecrit par Barbara le 06/09/2013 à 14h31mn

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Ecrit par Chilango le 05/09/2013 à 20h35mn

Too much depends on the astrit and how intricate the piece is. The better the astrit the more costly he or she is worth and the guy I use is at a375 per hour and 2 A4 sheets I think will take more than 4 hours in totalTake your design to a local astrit and get their opinion. Any good tattoo astrit will work with you to a) produce a design with you that you will be proud of and b) one that he or she will be proud of. They will be sure to be able to give you a near costGood luck with your ink http://ildjemetd.com [url=http://itiulsce.com]itiulsce[/url] [link=http://wliyzogywx.com]wliyzogywx[/link]

Ecrit par Tata le 05/09/2013 à 18h54mn

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Ecrit par Lidia le 05/09/2013 à 18h52mn

you and your boyfriend both have wonlfreuldy shaped physiques and the complementary line tattoos you two have are so endearing. such a darling couple! and your daughter is beautiful. http://pvvdtij.com [url=http://letmrtgm.com]letmrtgm[/url] [link=http://wukzwi.com]wukzwi[/link]

Ecrit par Lizbeth le 28/08/2013 à 02h04mn

Hey there!I'm guessing you're talnikg about your pubic area?It is almost completely safe. I say almost, because there is a chance that you are allergic to the chemicals in tattoo ink. The hair there should be gone. You could shave it or wax it. In SOME tattoo parlors, the artist will shave it for you. The hair will continue to grow back, because the needle doesn't pierce the skin deep enough to damage the hair follicle. Waxing only affects the outermost layer of skin. The skin will shed as time passes anyways, so waxing shouldn't matter as long as it's completely healed.The cost differs between parlors. Most parlors charge by hour. Somewhere between $50-300 per hour. Most will not be as high as 300, but there's still some. The more detail your tattoo has, the more it will cost. Color will also cost more than black ink.As for pain, it will probably hurt a lot. As I am not a girl, I can not tell you if it will hurt or not, but I'm guessing the skin there is fairly sensitive. Tattoos hurt more on sensitive skin. For example, the skin on your forearm is much tougher than the skin on your underarm, therefore a tattoo on your underarm will hurt much more than on the forearm. Btw, airbrushed tattoos are only temporary, so you don't have to worry about that. You probably won't get cancer if you go to a clean and reputable parlor. If anything, you'll have an allergic reaction and get the tattoo removed. -_- The tattoo will only hurt during the inking process. It will stay tender during the healing process, but after that, it'll just feel like it did before. Don't wear pants during the healing process, because friction will cause the tattoo to fade. After it's healed then you can wear it. Another little note: a tattoo has nothing to do with urine unless you you get it done on your urethra which makes no sense whatsoever. Haha.Good luck with your private tattoo.

Ecrit par Syaiful le 28/08/2013 à 00h18mn

Salut Eric,L e9cran du didacticiel de 1 e8re conenxionne correspond pas e0 l e9cran ou on nous demande matricule, adresse mail etc je n arrive donc pas e0 me connectermerci de me secourir

Ecrit par Shufflr le 28/08/2013 à 00h17mn

Listen forget the draw ,it's first come, first sreevd ,around here. Also the deadline is 1.35 pm and it's one thirty now so everyone else can feck off but if you do have to be democratic (I run a benevolent dictatorship at the peoples Rep O eejit) and have adraw then count me in and try and fix it in my favour then everybody's happy -well I will be and let's face it that's the main thing , right?

Ecrit par Open le 25/08/2013 à 23h10mn

Amazing.It's been going back and fourth in my mind about gentitg a tattoo on on my rib to add to the 2 I already have. It's soo confusing, considering I hate the two I have. I do however think one like hers will complete your life, lol.Sexual. I'm saying do it...Oh, and thanks for the comment lovely. I think this weekend I'll pull on something short and tight (nothing new there) and slink on down to the pub for some shiny time.PP x http://izvicgthd.com [url=http://nglugqt.com]nglugqt[/url] [link=http://pfawstdx.com]pfawstdx[/link]

Ecrit par Becky le 25/08/2013 à 18h06mn

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